We understand the art of story telling. 

Every organization has a story. Let us help make it personable and compelling. 

Alvin Wright Communications is a full service consulting media and public relations training company, offering quality video productions. With more than 20-years of media relations, consulting, video production and news experience. We specialize in making your project memorable.

For the past 35 years Alvin Wright has been involved in various aspects of radio production, television, commercial productions as well as media and public relations. Alvin is a former news producer, video production engineer and media coordinator. In the span of his career, Alvin Wright has worked at three major universities, four network television stations and on projects for NASA, numerous oil and energy companies, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and ESPN. In 1999 Alvin Wright created AWC to utilize all the skills, talents and resources developed over the years. Alvin's experience didn't stop there. Alvin is a long-time volunteer with the United Way of Texas Gulf Coast, Texas Scholar mentor presenter in three school districts and media relations training.

Alvin Wright Communications has provided media and public relations training for various organizations such as the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), Toastmasters International and Regional conferences, Houston Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) and Lawrence Ragan's Annual Strategic Public Relations Conference.


AWC offers complete video production services from story boarding, multi-camera on location shooting and all the way through to the final edit and compression for web video streaming.

If you haven't added a marketing video to your website or social media post, you are missing a great opportunity to reach new clients. AWC has produced numerous promotional an marketing video projects for clients, which include:

  • jazz artist
  • high school dance teams
  • special event video montages
  • documentaries
  • meetings
  • major sporting events
  • banquets
  • gospel concerts
  • speeches
  • music events 

Set your business apart from others and tell the world who you are in your own words.

Public Relations

Letting others know who you are, is one of the most important rules of public relations and marketing. Even though your clients are aware of your organization you don't want to miss out potential opportunities. Let AWC will use all the creative measures in orde to place your stamp in the arena that suits your business. As our client, we will promote your business to a general audience giving you full exposure. That's not all. Alvin Wright Communications can also handle emergency situations that require immediate public relations attention. Protecting your interest, image and integrity is the goal.


  • Develop public relations and marketing plan.
  • Implementation and delivery of strategic techniques.
  • Promote, protect and preserve the image of the client.
  • Encourage internal and external organizational communications.
  • Create a strong "brand marketing" message.
  • Emergency Crisis Management support.

Media Relations

With over 30 years of media relations and news expertise AWC can provide an added edge to your organizations message. With extensive knowledge of what news decision-makers are looking for, AWC will get your message noticed in newsrooms. Establishing creditability with the media is essential to getting extra mileage out of news releases. Whether you're announcing a new product line, better services, or trying to get your side of the story heard, Alvin Wright Communications has the know-how to achieve successful coverage in print or the electronic median.


  • Prepare news releases that get action.
  • Schedule news conferences and or media availability.
  • Get your organization recognized as an expert with the media.
  • Get your message delivered to industry publications.

Alvin Wright Communications offers seasoned experience in media and public relations. Using the most current trends in internal and external communications, AWC positively seeks solutions. Our strength is connecting your business with the right remedy that make a difference in how others view your organizations.

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